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Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras are video cameras used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or IP network and may be watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer. Most homeowner uses a surveillance camera to monitor activity inside/outside their home.

Marie,  Business C.E.O

Fantastic and fast service. Needed this upgrade in a pinch for a corporate server and was able to make it happen thanks to you! Really grateful for your service

Shanise, Consultant

For me this is a better choice for new computer and laptop plus any upgrades I may need for great affordable prices and services

Steven, Engineer

This is our second emergency where we needed patching for our servers to run our updated accounting software. This company for the 2nd time has filled our order within an hour of us ordering, despite it being after they closed. We are very appreciative of their fantastic customer service. 


David, System Administrator

I was desperate to upgrade our server OS before new year work started.We had Windows Server 2008 standard, so it should be upgraded to Windows Server 2012 standard only.While almost everyone in the world enjoying new year holiday, This company helped me to complete upgrade.Thanks, For all your help! 

Mohamid, Network Manager

Excellent service! Quick and easy! Thanks, for all of your help! 

I must say kudos to the team at ITSolution Sale because over the years they won my confidence, to keep my business up and running without any downtime. 

Robin, VP

It's easy to set up users and so far I haven't had any real problem. However, I found that you can get really involved in the details of the advanced setup (I got lost). So it's much better to have someone that knows networking details hanging around... (Don't get password crazy or you'll be spending a lot of time entering passwords (trying to remember them)...The complexity of the advanced stuff makes it very flexible... 

Collin, Managing Director

System Monitoring

We bring integrity to systems cover by efficiency and reliability.

Cloud storage

We provide online video and audio backup for your business

System security

15 years of design and development of new and existing online security


Be the leader and take your business to the next level of technological exposure.

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