Current Trends in Computing

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

While they are many trends in computing such as Virtualization, Big Data, Security, The universal constructor, cellular automata and Game of Life. They all played a vital role in our daily lives. All these trends have made a significant contribution to the computer industries to which we depend on for our day-to-day functioning in work, school, and socialization. (Brookshear, 2015) To complete our everyday activity, we have duties and roles that we must maintain. Likely just as a computer need to follow a list of procedure classified as Algorithm to provide these trends we have seen in computing.

One of the trends that require precise algorithm is the virtualization of a physical device used in the information technology industries. The introductions of virtualization have increased the efficient use of computer hardware and improve organization cost and reliability. Employees have the ability to operate from a thin client to accomplish jobs that once required a lot of resources. Virtual storage allows for nearly infinite storage of Big Data that once troubles an organization. With the increased usage of virtualization manifest the constant need for a different algorithm to enable reliability and security for users (Laureate Education, 2014).

According to the CNNMoney website (Goldman, 2015) major cell phone outage hit the entire southeast region of the United States of America (USA). An outage of this magnitude should never happen if these phone providers have the necessary redundancy. However, rumors about the outage were said to cause by a cut of AT&T Fibre cable. AT&T apparently never operates two physical networks since one damage wire has speculated to cause a disruption for so many mobiles. The fact that it affects many other providers shows that they all operate on the same line. The Increase o

f mobile service, mobile data, and the mobile application had forced the demand for more spectrum to facilitates the amount of data been supplied. Redundancy employed by these mobile service provider offer low resource utilization and Poor Quality of Service. Then this shows the Quality of experience for network service. Virtualized a network will provide more spectrum to other providers who utilized the system (Yang, 2014).

Virtual Machine (VM) is made available in many different ways which increase the usage of the cloud. Algorithm is now constructing to predict the usage to properly allocate resources to VM base on consumption (Qing et al. 2015). Monitoring of VM to have knowledge of bandwidth utilization to place these VM on a host for increase optimization. Trends in computing have seen traffic matrix among VM measuring the cost matrix between host and VM. Numerous data are used to decide where VM are to be placed to decrease the load on a switch (Meng et al. 2010).


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