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JavaScript trends and issues


Once you fall in love with programming, especially web development. It is a guarantee that at some time you will be introduced to JavaScript. Because web application development in HTML5 and JavaScript work hand in hand to provide marvelous web page design. Now that JavaScript being so outstanding they are current trends and issues, along with security concerns that we must use a bird eye vision. On this topic focus will be placed on a few examples and why they are a trends or issues.

Current trends and issues with JavaScript

With the rapid growth of JavaScript developers continually highlights the trends of script language and how useful they can be. One thing for sure is that all browsers currently have in the JavaScript console (Hudson, 2014). What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a dynamic programming language with objects that contain a set of properties that can be accessed as function objects (Ducasses et al. 2012). Numerous optimization techniques have been introduced to speed up runtime execution, a technique such as just-in-time (JIT) execution of JavaScript in a web application (Martinsen, Grahn, & Isberg, 2017). The Google map application and the HTML5 demo were ways of using the JIT technique. Google V8 JavaScript engine only support JIT, one of the trending aspects of JavaScript is DOM (Document Object Model) which is used to create, modify or delete an element (Martinsen, Grahn, & Isberg, 2017). Other trends in JavaScript are AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) used to update web page asynchronous by exchanging data, JQuery, and JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) that used for storing and exchange data ( The most popular choices of front frontend JavaScript are React, Angular and Ember (

Like any other programming language, they are issues that must consider when doing development. With over 80% of web application developed with the JavaScript, they are a significant percentage of exposure to vulnerability attack by scripting (Gupta & Gupta, 2016). The issue of object modification should be considering when using element in a web application to prevent security attack from another script.

JavaScript security issues

From the inauguration of script language, security issues are always a concern toward a client-side web application and JavaScript is right within that boundary. One of JavaScript security issue is when all objects within a browser shared the same environment without any restriction they are exposed to dynamic modification and full access to an object within the environment (Ducasses et al. 2012). The Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack is utmost harmful and very widespread issue with a web application where attacker theft sensitive user data from a web browser by establishing a malicious link (Gupta & Gupta, 2016).


If there is a will, there is away, and developers have to be cautious with the current trends of JavaScript because even though these patterns are widely accepted, they are still the issue of vulnerability and XSS. JavaScript have more trends than the issue, and little concerns should be placed on these issues when thinking about the future of the current trends.


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