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Mobile Website Strategy

Updated: Aug 16, 2021


At last, the internet is mobile, from Smartphone to tablet to any handheld device. Who would have thought about these 25yrs ago? Cell phone advanced from a simple multimedia message (MMS) to a social media video posting, a picture message and now mobile blogging. A Mobile Website has focused on many improvement strategies that aim to benefit mobile browsing for a target group with some level of concentration on Webkit browser usage on a Smartphone.

Improvement strategy

One of the best improvement strategies for a company is to allow access for all different mobile devices, they are various rendering that should be considered before a mobile site become fully accessible. They are many options to consider when doing Mobile Web, and one of them is platform-specific such as Java 2 Platform Mobile Edition, Symbian or Brew for Qualcomm and Adobe flash lite platform (Mehta, 2008). A strategy that should be considered is a site transcoder (a rule-based interpreter), which reside between the client and the website that reformats content in real time for mobile devices (Potnis, Regenstreif Harms, & Cortez, 2016). The incorporation of a mobile version website that allows optimized Homepage and user friendliness are factors that should be considered during the business improvement review. They are development method along with requirement analysis; also Google Analytics and free web metrics tools should be considered to get in-depth information about how a site will be used, what mobile device access a site more frequently. Some of the tools for improvement strategies should include GitHub, skyronic, crudkit, and HAWHAW which are used by PHP developers to quickly build mobile friendly site (Potnis, Regenstreif Harms, & Cortez, 2016). The inclusion of JavaScript is a improvement strategy to detect a mobile user to access the appropriate WebPages base on a script that used to monitor access and a @media CSS to provide rendering support on screen resolution.

Benefits of mobile improvements

Like any portable device, the ability to constant communication from a remote location has always been a plus. Twitter, a mobile alert with an instant messaging servicing, reaches 100,000 people in just one month (Mehta, 2008). Proven that mobile web has a larger circulation and is an instantaneous alert for mobile users. Not only message circulation benefit, but they also are search engine available in mobile web platform such as Google (Mehta, 2008). Application such as the Facebook mobile application have a higher participant access rate that the desktop application as more people prefer mobile access for privacy (Khusumanegara, Mafrur, and Choi, 2015)

Target user

With the majority of our young people operating from a mobile device, show that there are an aspect of a larger