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Choose your pricing plan

  • Gold Packages

    Every month
    16 - 30 Users in your organization
    • Bronze Plan

      Every month
      1-5 Users in your organization
      • Platinum plan

        Every month
        Perfect for business who want to leave the stress of tech
        • Silver Plan

          Every month
          6 - 15 Users Remote management
          • 1 Hour Remote access

            Every month
            Quick fix for your technology problem
            Valid for 3 months
            • Install software and fix any problem that can be fix offsite
          • On-Site IT Support

            Come to your location to fix all problems
            • 1hr Work done at your location
          • Smart Home

            Every month
            • Includes:
            • Smart plug- turn on/off any appliance that plugs into a wall
            • Smart Switch - ways to control your home lighting and switch
            • Smart Lock - can be locked and unlocked without a key.
            • Smart Thermostat-adjust the heating and cooling in your home
            • With this smart home you can control :
            • -Your lights
            • -Your Appliances such as Tv, Kettle, etc
            • - You can lock and unlock your door from your phone
            • It also has codes so everyone in your family can have a code
            • to enter the house don't have to worry about keys
            • -You can set what temperature you would like from anywhere
            • You can also set different times you want your temperature
            • to increase or decrease
          • Smart Video Plan

            Every month
            • Includes:
            • Indoor WIFI IP Camera
            • Outdoor WIFI IP Camera
            • RIng Door Bell
            • All three cameras allows you can see anything they see
            • from from your device
            • for the ring door bell you can talk to anyone at your door
          • Professional

            Every month
            Business Selling Services
            Valid for 12 months
            • Smart Security plan

              Every month
              • Includes:
              • Motion Sensor- detect movement in a select area of your home
              • Leak detector-help you detect a leak before it causes damage
              • Fire and carbon monoxide detector -
              • protects against slow/fast burning fires and carbon monoxide
              • You can put the motion sensors at you door and at the window
              • so you are notify if anyone tires to enter
              • your house without you knowing you will be notify
              • -With a leak detector you just place it where leaks are
              • prone to happen and when it does you will be notify before
              • it causes any damage to your house
              • For a fire detector once there's smoke theirs fire
              • it alerts you when it senses smoke so you can check for fire
              • or get out of the house in time
              • Same for the carbon momoxide detector it tell you
              • so you and your family can get out safe
            • E-Commerce

              Every month
              Integrated E commerce tools Retails
              Valid for 12 months
              • Free IP Camera

                Every month
                Get an indoor or outdoor camera for free.
                Valid for 12 months
                • Free installation
                • One year commitment only
                • Only 14.99
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